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You now can see your request history! As well see if the video is in que to be added.

Search Features!


SEARCH: We now have a new searchable front end website for everything in the Plex server Interdimensional Cable. Best of all, you don't need a login to view it! When in doubt, search the website:

REQUESTS:Alternatively, you can now also search when making requests at:

I am encouraging EVERYONE to use the new website search function from now on when making requests. It's cleaner and more reliable than even searching within Plex!

Special thanks to Rick C-137 - A.K.A @Rick C-137 for assistance and setup of the new website functionality. WUBBALUBBADUBDUB!

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Subscribe to pateron, Our servers cost a substantial amount monthly to run. Due to HD media Bandwidth costs alot. We are a small club of people looking to make media enjoyable not profitable. We would like to see this project hit NET zero. And to do that your subscription helps and goes a long way!