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If you are here and you noticed your account is missing from plex. Its mostly due to you being a non subscriber of the Peer Cinema Pateron.

We have moved to the pateron only method due to the lack of donations. This club is amazing and filled with amazing things. But it comes at a cost.

If you lost your account and would like it back.

and contribute.

Every month Alan works really hard to make sure this service is at its peak. To be better than Netflix and Hulu and everybody combined better. But this is a small community and the cost of equipment to run the service is high.

We know not everybody who has an account can afford to donate. And we honestly are charitable and understanding. But if you do have a spare dollar or extra funding and you use this server in place of a netflix subscription or a TV service. Consider how much it would have costed you to acquire the media elsewhere and then give us a Fraction of that to help the cost of the services!

We burn Terabytes of data streaming. and that costs money. The server we use MUST be POWERFUL, Naturally that costs a higher bid each month to have a super computer in a datacenter.

Donations come best in the format of a patreon subscription You can cancel at any time. But it shows you are committed no differently then a subscription to somebody else.

Thanks for your time. We appreciate you immensely and thank you for being a part of this community.
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Help Support The Server
Subscribe to pateron, Our servers cost a substantial amount monthly to run. Due to HD media Bandwidth costs alot. We are a small club of people looking to make media enjoyable not profitable. We would like to see this project hit NET zero. And to do that your subscription helps and goes a long way!